AVBS Yearbook

The other day I was taking a little trip down memory lane and I found some old salon family photos I thought you guys might enjoy.

There are some faces you might recognize and some you haven’t seen for a while, but most of all, a peek behind the curtain. We try to keep it professional when you’re watching, so here’s a glance at the rest.. these pictures start when I did, circa 2009 ..

This… was the time (6 months into my career) I thought it would be a great idea to convince a bunch of my coworkers to stay after work and wallpaper Michael Boss’s office in post-it notes (which he hates) and then fill it completely to the ceiling with balloons. We had pizza and blew up balloons into the middle of the night until our ears rang and our cheeks hurt. Somehow, our employers forgave us for this.. it’s probably not the best idea to bring it up. Mums the word guys..

Let see what else..

Oh, the photo shoot we did for NAHA! That stands for North American Hairstyling Awards. It’s like the Academy Awards for hair. They are a BIG DEAL in the hair world. Very schmancy. We now have artsy stenciled versions (by artist, and fellow stylist’s hubby, John Worcester) of these hanging in our current changing rooms at the salon. Check ’em out next time you’re in!

-This next one, I think this is from an Art Walk event?? I definitely remember spray painting those styrofoam things on Emily’s head in that back alley of the old salon.. we did a lot of spray painting out there.. (also.. spray paint melts styrofoam.. who knew?)

Honestly I don’t even remember what was happening in this next one..

Then there was that time I found a website where you can create a muppet likeness of someone. It took Valeria and I all of 5 minutes to drop everything and set to work creating muppet Michael!! Poor muppet Micheal, he went on a lot of adventures.

There were flash mobs, animal cracker massacres, Christmas decorating parties, and the time we built a fake employee to blame things on.

Other things I wish I had photos of: all of our apocalypse potlucks (every time someone predicts an apocalypse, we schedule a potluck, just in case it’s our last meal), the time Valeria crept around the Lather Lounge with an EMF reader looking for ghosts, chili cook offs, movie nights, craft nights, and infinity more adventures together.

Most of all we love our clients, we love each other. There aren’t many serious moments, but there are a lot of messes.

Galentines Day!!

This year Tiffany, Emily, and Blair took it upon themselves to host a Galentine’s Day Party. It’s like Valentine’s, but for the gals. -Do I really need to be explaining this? If your confused, queue up Parks and Rec on Netflix.

These girls are the cutest (and you’ve never seen anyone more excited about a perfected table setting in your life). They have an eye for detail, impeccable taste, and lean hard into the “more is more” philosophy when it comes to party food and shenanigans. They always make everything (and everyone) feel special. Every time they have hand in planning something, you walk away with all the warm fuzzy feelings that you were a part of something really special.

This year was the first Galantine’s celebration and even though I sadly could not attend (insert all the crying emojis), I know it was just as adorable as these pictures depict, and I got alllllll the warm fuzzy feelings as I started getting these sweet pictures sent to me!! Everything and everyone is just so pretty!

Whenever we get together outside of work you can always count on a few things.

1. Food for days that will be just as beautiful as it is tasty (and it will be plated like a Michelin Star Restaurant). I mean look..

2. A photo booth or backdrop with photo props. Mostly because we just can’t stop won’t stop with the selfies and the face smashing togetherness.

Look how cute they are!!!

(Sorry Em and B, I had to include that last one 😉)

3. The most adorable and fashionable babies on the planet. I mean -I can’t even- with these lil squishies!!!!

I mean you’d never guess but we kinda like babies around here… the moms aren’t holding their babies in any of these! Ha!

So hopefully this post confirms your long held suspicions that we do actually have as much fun together outside of work as we do in the salon. Working at AVBS is kind of like having an extended family.. only with crazy Aunties that tell you to put on a sequin dress and venture out into an ice storm to eat your weight in tasty treats.. -so maybe even better then a family. -At any rate, it’s something special.

Happy Galentine’s Day to you all! Also Happy Birthday to our favorite Valentine baby, Valeria!


Well it’s a new year and that means a lot of us have decided to get in shape. (But, lets be real, a lot of us gave up on that goal already..) For me, I know if I feel like I look good when I work out, and I don’t feel like The Hot Mess Express when I’m done working out, I’m more likely to follow through. So I did some research..

Let’s talk FIT

First, workout clothes you’ll look great in.

-You guys- Spanx makes leggings. Are they overpriced? Well yes. -I mean holy cannoli YES-

But, did I order them anyway after I gave birth to twins and end up loving them so much I want to wear them everyday of life so that I die in them and they become my ghost outfit because they are that comfy and warm and flattering?? Also yes. (Guys I had TWINS, things are not as they were. Mama needs some help!)

I’m also drooling over these faux leather moto leggings and these velvet ones.. (all available @ Spanx.com and also in plus sizes)

However, some of us have bills to pay and still want to look cute… so how about these:

The brand is 90 Degree by Reflex. Super flattering to your body and your budget because they are under $20 on Amazon.com (they come in 24 colors and also available in plus sizes). I love these, they hold up well and are not see through at all.

Lets talk FAB

Specifically let’s talk how to keep your hair fab after a work out. And the answer is dry shampoo. The greatest invention of our time. (Ok I know you’re thinking but what about seat belts?? Antibiotics?? Premade cookie dough?? -whatev, those are fine too) But dry shampoo… (insert all the heart eye emojis)

Here’s the thing most people don’t know: not all dry shampoos are created equal and not all are right for every head of hair. Here are two of my faves:

The one on the left (Dry Wash from Paul Mitchell- $22) is perfect for my fine and sometimes oily hair. I lift it up, spray at the roots, brush it through my and BOOM. DONE.

The one on the right (INVISIBLEWEAR Dry Shampoo, also by Paul Mitchell- $18) is great too. It comes in pigmented options (so it doubles as a root cover up spray) I find my clients with thick hair that tends to be on the drier side like this one better. (Available in blonde and brunette)

Pro Tip: “If you have baby fine hair and you’ve worked up a sweat, turn your blow dryer setting to cool and blast the roots of your hair dry for a minute then use dry shampoo as directed.”

Time for FUN

Grab some friends and register for a fun run! You’ll get accountability to keep working out, contribute to a great cause and also get some fun swag.

If you want to join me, I’ll be running in the Go Girl Run in April. It’s downtown and the charity partner is GYN Cancers Alliance (an organization that provides education, resources, and support to local women and caregivers affected by gynecological cancers)

It’s a Saturday morning, so you can run, then grab breakfast at one of the many awesome breakfast spots downtown (like The Aviary or Gailey’s), then stop by AVBS and get your locks washed and pampered by one of us!

Yeah.. that’s a perfect day.

-ps. A shampoo finish (aka a blowout) with one of our talented E1 stylists is only $28! *so treat yo self*

More info about the go girl run here: