While the Boss is away..

The girls will play! .. or maybe sneak out of the salon for a little Spring time fun.

First, a nod to our bosslady, Valeria, who is in Austria with James River Church this week! Here she is with the DFL team! We miss you VB!

While she was gone, our social media/event planning team went on an adventure. (That team has a name has a name that our Bosses would rather me not mention..)

Ok, it’s Dick Squad.

The social media/event planning team calls themselves Dick Squad. I know, holy-inappropriateness. I’m honestly not sure where it started. Blair claims at the first meeting someone blurted it out as a joke, and the sheer ridiculousness of it made the name stick… Much to the chagrin of our employers. -Valeria makes us say Richard Squad. This is an ongoing inside joke amongst the staff that brings us a silly laugh and fits of giggles because there is, seemingly, no end to the jokes. #truestory

Anyway… dicksquad I mean Richard Squad.. attended a local event called Art In Bloom! It is a 3 day festival hosted by The Springfield Art Museum. Our girls attended a floral arrangement workshop where you arranged flowers inspired by great works of art. I mean how fun does that sound?!

They choose Claude Monet’s Water Lilies as their inspiration.

Here are their results,

From Tiffany:

And Emily,

And Blair,

Aren’t they all so lovely?!? Keep an eye out at our next salon event because I’m sure these girls will be wanting to show off the skills they learned. I am also expecting a lot more fresh flowers in the salon moving forward! Hooray Spring!!!

I love to see my coworkers express their creativity in so many beautiful ways! What a talented crew I get to work alongside! (Despite their team name, they really are classy group of ladies) Hope you’re all out enjoying some of beautiful weather!!

Treat Yo-Self!

Well I think it finally stopped snowing!! If you’re like me, you’re ready for a Spring reset. So here are a few ideas for you..

Fo yo face. Foundation with SPF. We all know we should wear sunscreen everyday and yet most of us don’t. Skip the step and get a quality foundation with added SPF. I’m -Obsessed- with IT Cosmetics right now. Both of these are great, but THIS one with the added illuminator. It adds a touch of shimmer without making me feel like a disco ball. Perfect for spring!! (Available online @ itcosmetics.com or Ulta)

Fo yo wardrobe. Buy a hat. This part of the country has a nasty reputation for weather changing on a dime and this time of year, it means random bursts of biblical flooding between sunny days. Nothing ruins a good hair day faster than rain. It’s really hard to recycle hair that’s been rained on. A cute hat will save you. (This one from Target is only $14.99)

Fo yo hair. Since we can have all seasons in a day, here are the two products I’m obsessed with this season. The first is Heat Seal (its honest to God the best thing you can buy. Everyone needs it.) It’s a multifunctional product that provides thermal protection AND it’s humidity resistance. -Buy it. You need it.

The second one, INVISIBLEWEAR Undone texture hairspray. (It’s in my purse right now. I’m THAT obsessed) It’s advertised as a hairspray, but it’s really a texture spray. (no real hold with this product) Perfect for the folks with soft fine hair like me that want to rock those bohemian beachy waves, but our hair gets too limp this time of year. This adds just enough texture and volume, with a powder like finish and no gross build up. It smells great too- nice and clean. (Both available @ AVBS)

Fo yo skin. Sunless tanner. I miss the days of baking in the sun. Now we know better, but I get soo pale in the winter and just want a little color this time of year. My all time favorite is Rodan + Fields foaming sunless tan. Goes on clear, almost no scent. Builds with time, fades gradually. ($26, from Rodan + Fields)

…..And let’s not forget Beauty on a Budget!! Discounted salon services on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until June! Check out the salon FB page for the deets or call 881.2666

Treat yo-self!

Paul Mitchell, the beginning.

It’s the stuff of dreams. A real life rags to riches story. A company built on friendship, grit and a desire for change.

Everyone has seen the logo and most are familiar with the brand. You might even recognize John-Paul Dejoria’s face, but the majority of you have never heard the story of how it all began.

In 1980 two friends, Paul Mitchell (a hairdresser) and John-Paul DeJoria (a struggling businessman who was living in his car at the time). Decided to launch a professional hair care brand made by hairdressers, for hairdressers. They attempted and failed to get anyone to financially back their business plan (they were looking for an investor to front $160,000). When they found no one, they had to recalibrate and start with $700 of their own money.

They had three products printed on black and white bottles. Black and white have remained the signature Paul Mitchell colors used in all company events and salons. But the origin is that it was simply to expensive to print in color.

The beginnings were as humble as you can imagine. They had a friend record an answering machine message on their personal line to establish the idea of a brand when people called. They went door to door at salons offering demonstrations of their products with an unprecedented offer to buy back any products that don’t sell. (38 years later that offer still stands)

That commitment to the professional industry, and their willingness to do what most people wouldn’t, was the key to their success. From the very beginning, they did things differently. Often at financial loss.

For instance, they refused (and still do) to test on animals. In 1983 they started a self sustaining solar powered Awapuhi Farm in Hawaii. (Which is still in operation and where Paul Mitchell Awapuhi is sourced from)

In 1987 they launched the Tea Tree line. They have since partnered with Reforest’Action and together have planted over 750,000 trees.

In the 90’s they received Humanitarian Awards from the likes of People magazine for their efforts in protecting the planet, refusing animal testing and promoting peace.

From those very humble beginnings and commitment to the professional hairdressing industry, their brand has continued to grow. It is now available in 81 countries and 100,000 salons across America.

In 2001 they opened the doors to the first Paul Mitchell School in Costa Mesa, California. Now their are 110 locations with 14,000 students graduating annually. All are trained with an emphasis on impeccable hair dressing, client care, and culture heavily weighted with an importance of giving back. (The schools’ efforts alone have raised more then 18 million dollars for charity in the last 14 years)

They’ve come a long way in the last 35 years with no plans of slowing down. We are proud to be a Paul Mitchell Focus salon. Thank you for joining us in support of a company willing to go the extra mile to do some good.

-In the words of John Paul Deloria,

“Peace, Love and Happiness” ✌🏻

Wake Up your Makeup

Confession. I’m 35.. and I don’t know how to wear makeup.

Ok, that’s not entirely true. I own fancy makeup brushes. I visit Sephora, leaving with tiny bags that cost piles of money.. but the truth is, when I learned about makeup, girls wore foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick. That was it. The entirety of my makeup bag.

Times have changed. I get lost easily in the makeup world. So, I asked one of our resident experts, Hannah Behlmann, for help:

Let’s start the beginning. What are we doing wrong?? What do you see all the time that is making you cringe?

One thing that makes me cringe is when people don’t match their foundation to their neck… Sometimes, when people match their foundation to their hand or their face, they ignore the fact that their neck is lighter or darker than the foundation they put on, and then there is that distinct foundation line when it’s not blended into their neck…

Ummm.. guilty! It’s so obvious but I never thought of it before!! Ok what’s the product that we are all skipping and shouldn’t be?

I think that primer tends to be forgotten about – especially eyeshadow primer. If you want your eyeshadow to last all day long, you HAVE to use a primer first. Using an eyeshadow primer will also help to maintain the true color of the shadow; therefore, you won’t have to use as much eyeshadow in order to achieve the look you want!

Ok what’s the best makeup advice you’ve ever been given?

Honestly, the best makeup advice I’ve ever heard was to take great care of your skin! Makeup is a fun and wonderful way to express yourself, but you first and foremost have to make sure that you are washing your face regularly and moisturizing! After putting on makeup and wearing it all day, you have to allow your skin to breathe and stay hydrated.

…any closing thoughts for us???

Most importantly, always remember that less is more. If you have good products (not necessarily expensive, just good quality), you shouldn’t need to use much of the product, because more often than not, a little goes a long way. Then, if you want to add more, awesome! Add more. It’s a lot easier to add makeup than it is to take it off. Plus, the less you have to use, the longer your products will last!

Solid advice!

I also asked Hannah what some of her favorite products were and she offered these three: Anastasia’s Aurora Luminizer ($40), RMCA’s “no color” setting powder ($12), and Sephora Collection liquid lipstick in Always Red ($14)

So after you load up on all the goods (don’t pretend those aren’t all going into your online shopping cart right now), you should probably go ahead and follow Hannah on the socials @hannah_behlmann.. She’ll light up your feed with her creative endeavors. (Here are a few to give you an idea.. -also…. -sorry Hannah, I didn’t ask if I could steal these!!)

If if that’s not enough and you’re still looking for further inspiration, she recommends:

NikkieTutorials, Jamie Guenivieve, and Mimi Cho (Mimi Cho was also the inspiration for this look she created which she shared with me was one of her favorite applications)

Wow. I think she’s knows a thing or two. Thanks for the advice Hannah!!

Protect Your Investment!

You just dropped $$$ at the salon and left feeling like a princess. Now, it’s 4 weeks later and you’re looking like The Hot Mess Express again. How did this happen?

Ok. Tough love time. Are you ready?

YOU girlfriend. You are what happened. You didn’t protect your investment!!!

I’m sorry. I know it’s hard to hear. But don’t worry I’m here to help, ya know?

It’s actually pretty easy. It starts with thermal protectant.

For some reason people hate spending money on a thermal protectant.

I get it. I really do. It’s not flashy and fun. I don’t like spending money on toilet paper and health insurance, they are not flashy and fun either, but if they aren’t there when you need them, it’s a situation. (And if you’re still reading this, chances are your hair has become a “situation”)

Let me break it down for you. Most women blow dry and put an iron of some kind to their hair 3-14 times a week. Blow dryers get to about 140 degrees. Flat irons and curling irons.. now we’re talking 400 degrees. (That’s cookie burning temperature folks, not baking… BURNING.) Do I have your attention? – I’m talking to you Lil Miss “why won’t my hair grow?” while you do 40 passes with your smoothing iron.

So, when you tell yourself “I don’t need that.” Think about setting your oven to 400 degrees and then just reaching in without oven mits on. You would NEVER. So why are you doing it to your hair??

Now let’s talk cost. Its $14 for our Basic Betty thermal protectant. It’s called Heat Seal and it’s also humidity resistant. It’s water based, so it won’t weigh your hair down either. You don’t have to buy this one. There are all kinds, but buy one. Minimal investment maximum results.

Ok now for some Pro Tips. You took the tough love and so you’ve earned it. Here are the BIG 4 your stylist wishes you would practice at home.

1. One and done. These are the magic words for your iron. Let this be your mantra. Even with the magic of a thermal protectant if you are doing 40 passes over the hair with a 400 degree iron your hair is:

A. Not going to get any straighter and

B. Going to melt off.

One and done. Slow and steady is fine, one slow pass with a hot iron is always better then 10 fast passes. Your results are better and your hair is going to thank you.

2. Use the right Shampoo. Is there color in your hair? Are their sulfates in your shampoo? If so, maybe time to switch it up. Sulfates fade color not to mention it’s hard on the surface of your hair.

Ask your stylist for a recommendation. She will point you in the right direction. There is a world of options out there… special shampoos for color treated hair, for curly hair, for blonde hair, for frizzy hair. If your hair isn’t doing what you want it to do, products are the Rx. Start with the basics. Find out what shampoo you should be using.

For my money, Paul Mitchell’s Forever Blonde shampoo and conditioner wins best in show.

This is just one hairdressers opinion, but it is the shampoo I would recommend to any hair type. It’s sulfate free and moisturizing. Also, there is a Keratin infusion spray in this line called Dramatic Repair that your hair will thank you for. (Also, I practice what I preach. It’s in my shower right now)

3. Deep conditioner. You need this more often than you think. I usually recommend this to my clients seasonally. But honestly, if your hair is feeling dry, crunchy, angry (basically any adjective you don’t want to be called), you need a deep conditioner. They are valued based on longevity, (from $5-$30). You get what you pay for. It would not be inappropriate to get one every 6 weeks.

Don’t have the budget for that? Do an at home version. Soak your hair in conditioner then put a shower cap over it and let it sit for 15 minutes. Blast it with the blow dryer for another 5 min before you rinse.

4. Take care of your tools. If you just treated yourself to a salon professional iron and you’re smashing the cord of that iron with your cabinet door in your bathroom or winding the cord around it when you put it away, you can bet on that iron dying in 6 months to a year. The wiring inside of professional tools is designed to be powerful, but they are delicate instruments. Keep the cord loose when you have to wrap it, especially where it is connected to the iron. Keep it away from cabinet doors. You paid good money for that iron, so keep it working for the next 10 years.

Ok Babes. I hope this helps. You’re armed with knowledge to keep your locks looking wonderful between visits. Can’t wait to see you in 6 weeks!!