Now that it’s summer, many of you are planning your summer vaca’s and it made me nostalgic about some of the staff trips we’ve taken over the years.

Over the summer, I’ll give you a sneak peak on a few of our past adventures. Today we’re reminiscing about our first trip to Denver!

We went to Denver to visit Valeria’s good friend Kara (owner of Salon Foushee) and spend some time seeing how they operate their salon and teach them some of our tricks.

Kara and Valeria met early in their careers and traveled doing hair shows together for Paul Mitchell.

In fact here is a pic of Kara with John Paul DeJoria! (…sorry Kara I sure did steal this from your fb page 😬)

Kara owns 2 salons, one in downtown Denver and one in Littleton, Colorado. (They are both gorgeous!) Here are a few pics of our team teaching color techniques at the downtown location.

These photos exist to show we did actually do something hair related on this trip because, like always, we managed to squeeze in a lot more play than work into this short trip. (No one was surprised)

Here are some pics of our fun!

Even though we only went for a few days, we attempted to eat at every restaurant in Denver. We played A LOT of giant jenga. We hiked Red Rocks at dawn. We visited Garden of the Gods, and ended our trip in Manitou Springs.

Sweet Nicolette (who started her career at AVBS and is now working for Kara) sweetly showed us around the city. (She’s the one pictured above with our “flat Casey” who was also along on all our adventures.)

This is also the trip where me made our rally flag.. Speaking of that..Emily.. -what ever happened to the flag?

Speaking of EMILY.. Also.. I found alllll of these on my phone after I got home from this trip. Thanks Em and Blair. (The importance of passcode protection folks..)

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of our past summer fun! Special thanks to Kara Forshay, and the amazing staff at Salon Foushee for hosting us and putting up with our crazy! We love learning with you! ❤️

Stay tuned next week for a very special Wedding Post!!

Sad Sappy Post.

Ok y’all. It’s time. In case I never mentioned… it’s me, Christy, writing here. In case you haven’t heard, I’m leaving the salon.

I’ll still contribute here, so you’ll still hear from me. But seeing as next week is going to be my last in the salon I wanted to write a sad sappy post. To those I’m leaving.. specifically the E1’s, who are at the beginning of their careers from me, looking back..

I had no idea what I was getting into when I walked through the doors of the old salon building all those years ago with my resume. I thought I was applying for a job. You don’t get a job at AVBS. You get a family.

From my perspective, it happens about the time an upper element starts asking your opinion on toners. That’s when you’re in. That’s when we trust you. You’re not a baby anymore. You’re one of us. So buckle up, Butter Cup. It’s hard to be part of a big family. It’s kind of like suddenly having too many big sisters. They have opinions on everything. Who you’re dating, what you’re wearing, how you’re spending your time, your paycheck and (For. The. Love.) how we fold the towels. It’s tough to find where you fit in and to know what role you’re going to play. Let me offer you some insight about your employers because I have been observing them for nearly a decade.

What do you need to know about Valeria?

I think VB was born with an extra gene for patience. I have seen her move with grace through situations that would have me shower crying in a fetal position with ease and a smile. -I’m not talking stressful day at work (although she definitely does that) I mean the real stuff of life that pulls at the corners where your faith is grounded. People don’t suspect it because she’s smiley and cheerful, but she has a deep well of inner strength. Girlfriend can handle herself. She has levels of grit most of us will never have to draw on.

-So watch her. Learn from her. Even in the break room. Hear me when I say this -She is teaching YOU. She’s chosen THOSE words on purpose. There is a reason. Look at her when she’s talking to you. Don’t dismiss her. Learn from her. Rarely in life are you going to meet someone with so much natural talent, who wants to give it all away to make you better.

That being said, help her out, remind her of things, she’s juggling a lot. She’ll appreciate it. Know her schedule. PUT THINGS AWAY (For the love of God. Put things away! -When you see what needs to be done, do it. Don’t make her ask) Speak with a smile. Return her kindness to others. She appreciate your hustle, but she will respect you based on how you treat other people. Pay attention.

Then there is Michael. What tips can I give you? Don’t force it with MB. Don’t be fake with him. He is as authentic as they come, so if you’re being fake, it’ll feel off to him. Just get to know him. It’s worth it. He’s original, and unlike anyone you’ve ever met. Don’t try to put him in a category. He won’t fit in one.

Don’t forget he’s worked behind the chair, and he wasn’t a natural. That means everything about yourself and this skill that you are questioning, he’s also questioned. That’s an asset to you. He’s studied every part of this business with a microscope. Imagine what having access to that knowledge could do for your business, USE IT. But when you ask him a question, make sure you want the real answer, because he’s going to be honest.

His to do list is longer then you know, and YOU (yes you) are important to him. So if you bring him a problem (no matter how small) I promise it will consume him until is solved. Think of how powerful that is, -and don’t abuse it. We as a staff, are A LOT. Realize he’s doing this for e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e and you are not the only one with needs. You, ARE important, and so is everyone else.

E1’s.. I wish somebody told me this in the beginning. I wish somebody explained it all. Told me to be eager, to be early, and be kind. Absorb everything because it’s valuable. But if you’re here, you have some idea. I’m sorry I’m leaving before I get to know you better. Enjoy the ride.

-oh, and one last thing.. PLEASE be nice to the reservationists.

Vintage & Vinyls

Monday night, a few of of our lovely ladies headed over to Founder’s Park to support Paul Mitchell The School’s “Vintage & Vinyls” hair show directed by our own, Tiffany Melton!

It was perfect weather and the hair and makeup were gorgeous!

So much talent showcased by the students! Our team loved it! Even the littles!

Great job Future Professionals!! Thanks for having us!