“And the Bossy goes to…”

Ah as some of you may know our staff has a special fondness for The Office. There was an episode dedicated to a yearly event they had called “The Dundies” which was a sort of sarcastic award show. As a staff we’ve often joked about what cheeky award we’d give each other on our best and worst days, but this week, our sweet little Jordan made it a reality.

The AVBS way..

With lots of food. (Have you noticed there is always food at an AVBS event?)

And a photo backdrop, (another event staple) how cute are they? 🤗

Although we haven’t all mastered the use of props..

The awards were golden color brushes.. (of course) here is an idea of what we were winning.. (if you can call it winning?)

I have to say Blair’s made me laugh the hardest.

There were games and shenanigans. Valeria sent us all home with goodie bags Bc she’s the sweetest!

Special thanks to our MC Jordan and Valeria for another sweet memory for AVBS history!

Summa Summa Summa Time

Earlier this week, a few of us had a little outing to Lavender Falls Farm.

Tucked off the beaten path in Clever is a little farm, centered in fields of Lavender

Under a tin roof were quaint tables. Adding to the ambiance, were fresh flowers, soft lighting and live music.

We made it our goal to try the entire menu, which was packed with lavender infused options. Here are a few of our favs

There really is something for everyone. It was a lovely evening spent with lovely friends.

Some of you might recognize that sweet lil lady I have my arm around, it’s Jessica Lacy, the face of our front desk for many years. (This is photo proof that once you are part of the AVBS family, we keep you forever.)

It was lovely and relaxing.. but no night with this crew is complete without some shenanigans. This time it was brought to us by the weather. One of those only in Missouri pop up storms where the rain blows around sideways rolled in and sent us running for shelter.. Blair called it a real toad strangler!

But it takes more than rain to keep us from having a good time. This was actually one of my favorite parts of the evening… oh and these two goons.. 👇🏻

So, perfect summer night. Check out Lavender Falls on Facebook, where you can get all the deets about their hours and upcoming events. You won’t regret it! I know we’ll be back. (And if you happen to see us there.. well, sorry we’re being so loud)


Earlier this week Shai hosted a Sprinkle for Blair’s soon to arrive bundle of joy! Shai has such an eye for detail. (It makes her a great stylist but also she throws awesome and PRETTY parties) It was the stuff bohemian dreams are made of with all the bright colored quilts, taco bars, flowers crowns and just the good energy that comes when these girls get together.

Here are some pics of my favorite babes celebrating a soon to come Baby!!

Beautiful night and beautiful girls. Blair we are so excited for you!! Can’t wait to meet him or her soon!! ❤️