#babywatch2018 Update! Well we’ve all been waiting to find out if Blair is having a boy or a girl and our wait is finally over! She Is here! Poppy Odessa was born happy and healthy! And everyone is doing well! Congrats Blair and Jeremy! We are so so happy for your little family!

#mybigfatAVBSwedding Update! Kenzie is getting married next weekend!!! We are so excited for her (and Christopher’s!) new chapter more details in next weeks blog!

#NEWTALENT Update! You know we are always expanding our team! We have some really fantastic and fun new folks (not to mention TALENTED!!) Stop in and say hi! Umm. Also, you know Starbucks has the “secret menu”…did you know AVBS has a NEW TALENT MENU??

Uuuhh yeah. I KNOW. Like where has this menu been all my life?

#Beautyonabudget! Summer edition!!

Ok you may remember Beauty on a Budget from the past and you might be wondering what the fine print was. Here’s the deal. We are looking to fill the last minute cancellations on our books, so it’s kind of like a flash sale. The thing is, you can’t request your stylist and the slots available are limited. BUT you can get up to 25% off. Check out website/Facebook/ or call our front desk if you have questions.

But seriously.. AWESOME DEAL RIGHT?? -I know. It’s cause we love ya. SPEAKING OF HOW MUCH WE LOVE YA.. did you know we have BOGO DEAL going on too?? Guys. This is BIG.

#TWOFORONESERVICES! Here are the deets: the deal is for E1 stylists, you book services for yourself and a friend (the highest ticket price will be charged) you can split the costs or treat a friend, more details on our website/facebook/or by calling our front desk.

Ok, if you are STILL HERE and not have called to set up your SUPER DISCOUNTED SERVICE.. 🙄I’m disappointed. (417.881.2666 -just sayin)



stiiiiill here? What more can I possibly offer you????? Ok ONE MORE HASHTAG

#KEYLIMEPIECONCRETES are now available at Andy’s.


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