My big fat AVBS Wedding.

There is nothing we love more than a staff wedding…except maybe a staff baby shower. We sure do love celebrating the big moments together. This weekend we got to see our sweet Mackenzie tie the knot with her fiancé Chris!

Here’s the first dance 🤗

They had the most perfect weather for an outdoor wedding and how beautiful is this venue? Here are a few of my favorite details..

The ceremony was beautiful, personal and touching, it gave me all the feels to see two people so genuinely in love starting a new chapter together. Congrats friends!!

Also Kenzie and Chris are honeymooning in Greece for two weeks! (I know.. drool) but she will be back in the salon soon, ready to catch up with everyone. And she better have lots of pictures of that sparkling blue water!

Ok one last thing.. here is a blogger trick. If you want a few silly pictures of your coworkers.. all you have to do is leave your phone on a table and walk away. If you tried to coax them into it they’d say no.. just give them an opportunity they’ll take it.

Miss you gals 😘

As for this.. I don’t know what happening here..

Anyway.. Kenzie and Chris, thanks for sharing your special day with us! Wishing you all the happiness! (Also Kenzie wins the award for most beautiful bride of all time) 😘

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