Back to school time!

As the kids are going back to school, it’s time to freshen up your look! Did you know that you can come in for just the lather lounge experience and a blow dry? And it’s SUPER AFFORDABLE?? Want to know HOW AFFORDABLE???? Call 881-2666 and ask them the price of a shampoo finish with new talent or an E1.. You’ll thank me. Seriously though.. kids are back in school, you’ve got some free time. Allow yourself one hour of self care. You won’t regret it. Chances are your family will notice that you’re more relaxed and that’s a win for everyone!

Annnd lets not forget about the fellas too! Did you know we have -2- licensed barbers on our staff?? Both Tiffany and Karissa have a cosmetology/barber crossover license which means soon they will be offering barbering services, like neck shaves, for the fellas in your life. Stay tuned for more details!

In the meantime, did you know we have a whole NEW line of products specifically FOR THE FELLAS? It’s called MVRCK and it’s available now!

Stock up next time you’re in!

Ok ok I know you’re all dying to know who won the giveaway sooooo ba-da-da-duuuum!!! It’s….


CONGRATS KELBY! Your stylist will be calling you soon to tell you how to pick up your prize! And thanks to everyone else for playing along! We will do lots more giveaways here!

ALSO I wanted to give you a little beauty insider tip on an event that is happening this week. Actually THE BEAUTY EVENT is being put on by Dr. Kienstra’s office (The Face Doctor)

Many of our team members have worked with Dr. Kienstra and his team. Their office offers all kinds of awesome services, they offer surgical options but also non surgical options such as laser treatments, Botox &Dysport, Forever Young BBL, Laser Hair Removal, chemical peels and Microdermabrasion.

The event will he held @ Hammons Heart Institute at 1325 E Cherokee on August 28 from 3-7 pm. There is a required $25 donation, to their favorite charity Isabel’s House (Springfield’s crisis nursery) but you will be entered to win prizes valued @ $10,000!! (And they will also be offering their lowest prices of the year on all their services! Seriously this event is a can’t miss!) ask you’re favorite stylist next time you’re in and I’m sure she or someone she knows has received a service from this office (we’re kind of obsessed with them, bc yeah.. it’s that good)

Also last but not least!! We also wanted to wish a very Happy Birthday to our sweet Pippa Minner!

Pippa is such a valuable team member. She’s so talented at her craft and has a killer work effort to boot. And she also shares a birthday with two of my other favorite humans my twin daughters! (Who are turning ONE today 🤗) So Happy day to all 3 of you!! ❤️❤️❤️

Check back with us next week with more info on changes in the salon, fall fashion and maybe MORE FREE STUFF!!

Comment with what kind of give away you want to see! And maybe we will offer it next week!!

HAPPY AVBS-versary!

We are celebrating a FEW anniversaries this summer.

Our location, we are celebrating 5 years at our home on Campbell. Here is a look back at when it was just a dusty construction site.

Ok I have to point out how little and cute the Boss boys were, now they looks so grown up.

The salon is looking a little more grown up these days too..

We’ve come a long way over the years. I should do a post on every location the salon has been at over the years like a time capsule but for today how about just a peek at the OLD salon where we spent the previous 9 years before we moved to our current home..

Whoa it’s been a other anniversaries we gotta mention this one..

That time when Madonna and Rick Astley got married! Juuuuust kidding, that’s Michael and Valeria. Celebrating 24 years together this year! Congratulations guys, wishing you many happy returns!

Since we have a LOT TO CELEBRATE..we want to pass on some good cheer to you! Soooo we are doing our first blog GIVE AWAY!

You can win a shampoo conditioner set from our Neuro line! Just go to the AVBS Facebook page like the post that features the blog and comment “PICK ME!” A winner will be announced here next week! Good luck friends!