And the winner is..

Willy Wonka!! Thanks everyone who voted! And as promised we drew names from all those that voted and Ali Lamb is our winner! Ali stop by the salon we have a special Wonka-themed prize for you!

I wanted to take a look back at some of our past AVBS Halloween celebrations..

From the best I can recall.. it started in.. 2008? With and 80’s theme? Any of you salon veterans have pictures from way back then??

My first Halloween at the salon was the Dr Suess year. (It was memorable as it was only my second day of work)

Then.. the next year was Alice and Wonderland

I think the next year was supposed to be SNL characters but we cancelled it last minute.

Then after that was Hero’s and Villians

Then we had old Hollywood Glam. I remember there were a lot of feather boas that year but I could not find any photos.

Followed by Disney characters!

Then Woodland creatures!

And then Harry Potter!

Last year was Carnival!

SUCH a fun time to celebrate and be silly together. We hope you’ll stop by and join in the celebration!! ❤️ and remember..

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